About Us

Nitzap is an app developed and licensed by Datago Technology LTD®, headquartered in Vitoria/ES, Brazil. We are:

  • - A multi cloud consultant, Salesforce® Partner and certified on implementing the clouds: Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, Tableau CRM and Tableau.

  • - Specialized in integrations, BI (Business Intelligence) and ETL (Extract Transform Load) projects.

  • - DocuSign® Partners, a tool that provides agility in closing your deals either in or outside of your CRM through electronic signatures.

Through our experience, we learned how important are the tools that promote agility to teams that deal with stakeholders, so we asked ourselves how to integrate Salesforce and WhatsApp. That's how we developed Nitzap, so that our clients are able to interact with their records and manage them on Salesforce® with up to 60% more agility and performance.

Datago® is always working to bring you safety and speed to every process of your company.