For Users

Nitzap was developed as an integration of Salesforce and WhatsApp, in order to meet the needs of your sales and client support teams. The two-way communication of both tools allows them to sync up contacts with leads and accounts, create new leads, contacts, cases, opportunities, requests, contracts, tasks, events, notes or any other record they are allowed to on Salesforce. They can also upload pictures, videos, audios and documents from WhatsApp straight to their Salesforce record.

You can download the Google Chrome Extension on the Google Chrome Store or on this link. Then, open WhatsApp Web and log safely into your Salesforce.

You may download the official version and, when you log in, get a 15-day free trial. By the end of this period, talk to the Admin of your Salesforce Org and ask them to contact us through this link.

Nitzap is an extension for desktop computers on WhatsApp Web, thus you need an internet browser and a PC.
But, if the tool is open on your WhatsApp Web, your messages will sync up to Salesforce, if that's the applied setting.

Every browser that is compatible with extensions from the Google Chrome Store, such as Opera, Vivaldi, Slimjet, Torch and Comodo Dragon.
As for Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, it's possible to set up compatibility. To learn how to do so, we advise following the browser's own instructions.

Yes, through the Google Chrome Extension, although it doesn't allow you access to all the functionalities.
To have access to every function, request your Salesforce Admin to install the AppExchange application.

No, as declared on our Privacy Policies, Nitzap doesn't copy and doesn't share messages through forwarding servers.
It only connects your WhatsApp Web to your CRM Salesforce.

On our site, go to the tab Contact Us and select Support. That's it, you can now send a message to our support team!
We also provide the Org Admin with up to 2 hours of assisted support after hiring licenses, where we teach them how to alter layouts, new functions, global actions and so forth.

Through the tab Contact Us on our website, select Idea and let us know about your improvement idea. Your feedback is always welcome!

For Salesforce Admins

By installing the AppExchange application, you will be able to enjoy some extra benefits, such as:
  • Message synchronization.
  • Components to view messages from Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Users.
  • Dashboards to view data related to the tool.
  • Additional settings of privacy.

Our prices vary depending on the number of users, for more information go to the tab Prices or contact our Sales team through the email nitzap@datago.com.br or the number + 55 (27) 99997-0276.

There is no minimal number of users, it's not necessary to hire Nitzap users for every Salesforce user of your Org. However, we consider the amount of Sales Cloud users of your Org to be the maximum number of users to hire.

To hire Nitzap contact our Sales team through our website clicking on the tab Contact Us and selecting the Sales department, send us a message and our team will present to you our existing plans.

To install Nitzap on your Salesforce Org just search for it on AppExchange, you can also do so by clicking on this link.
But don't worry, if there still are doubts, after hiring Nitzap we'll give the Salesforce Admin up to 2 hours of assisted support, where we teach you how to alter layouts, new functions, global actions and so forth.

You may hire more users by sending an email to our support team with the request or by opening a case through the form on the tab Contact Us. The new user will be billed proportionally until the end of the annual contract.
Keep in mind that users hired cannot be canceled before the end of the contract term.

When you install the AppExchange application, you will be able to view the messages synced to Salesforce through the object_Nitzap_Message.
There are 4 options the Salesforce Admin can choose from to set up the synchronization: All Metadata, Only Text, Restricted, No Synchronization.

Yes, as the Admin of the Org you can go to the set up of the object Nitzap and select Restricted, which marks the contents of messages as confidential. That way only stat records are synced up and the messages receive a special character.

On our website, go to the tab Contact Us, select Support and send your message.