User Experience - UX

Nitzap was designed to be used with Salesforce, so we built everything with Lightning Components to provide you the best experience possible!

Not only that, but by creating and visualizing records the user will have the same form and fields they would have available on Salesforce. That means Nitzap is the best choice when it comes to integrating WhatsApp and Salesforce.


Link or Create

With your WhatsApp contacts, Nitzap allows you to create new Leads or Contacts, and you can also link them to client's or partner's accounts.



Nitzap identifies your Whatsapp contacts and presents you a 360 vision of them, including leads, opportunities, requests, cases, contracts, assets and many others, whether they are native or personalized on Salesforce. Awesome, right?


Pictures, Videos and Documents

Everyone's wanted to slide a Whatsapp file to the specific Salesforce record at one point, right? With Nitzap, you can do that, and slide right to the record you want. Files of up to 25MB can be uploaded into your Salesforce record just by selecting and sliding.

***currently, the functionality of selecting and sliding only works on computers with Windows operating system.


A world of possibilities and insights

When the Salesforce Admin installs the Nitzap APP on the Salesforce Org the message records can be synced up with Salesforce on a personalized app or object, allowing them to create reports and dashboards. They may also create triggers and flows to develop an action. When installing, Nitzap already provides some of these insights in dashboards, accounts, lads, contacts and users.


CRM Tasks and Calendar

Manage your tasks, events & calendar, record phone calls, and send emails without even leaving WhatsApp.

You can also go to your contact and record an audio where you may register, for example, what was discussed with the contact, info about negotiations or any other information you consider relevant. The file will be saved into your Salesforce.


Messages' contents

For many businesses the contents of messages that are exchanged can be confidential. If that's the case for you, don't worry! There are many possible settings concerning the privacy and synchronization of messages on Nitzap, It's up to the Salesforce Admin to select the ideal one to their Org. Additionally, there's the option to blur the messages. That way, when you're sharing your screen, no one will be able to read your chats even if WhatsApp is open!

Nitzap is powerful and flexible!